Who Do You Know?!

24 Mar


What kinda question is that, you ask.  Well, in my line of work “who you know” and “solid relationships” are key as in most industries.  Unfortunately, most of us spend a LIFETIME trying to figure out who we know, who knows us or how to connect with who we want to know.  Follow me?!  Keep up because I’m headed somewhere – FAST!!

It’s high time we put it all in perspective and optimize the power of our personal networks so we can profit from it and expand it.  For years I have spent time connecting people, and creating opportunities for other people as well has maintaining valuable connects for myself. I have met soooo many people during my lifetime and I’ve spent my whole life connecting.  Strategic movement is essential to connect and continue connecting.

Gonna stop to here cause it’s late and I’m tired, but ask yourself, “WHO DO I KNOW?!” Better yet, “WHO KNOWS ME?!”

*there is so much more to come*

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Remember… It’s never too late to be what you might have been.


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