The ABC’s of Life

13 Oct

Noooo, not the “birds and the bees”, but the ABC’s of life. In my perpetual quest to look, feel and BE better I have encountered man notions, potions and some lotions that promise to help me achieve a healthier “looking” me, but because I was only focused on the OUTSIDE IN the results where slow or non existent. Along this winding journey I also stumbled upon the #gymflow fanatics who kill themselves in the gym and then continue the slow kill” at the dinner table by making the wrong food choices that would support and compliment the #gymflow. Mixed in with all the sexy ideas are the trends of 90 day magic drinks, tricks and the likes.

The ABC’s makes it easier to understand and simpler to do – A [activate enzymes] B [build cells] C [cleansing]

The sexy starts WITHIN and works outward to make a better feeling, looking and overall better you. TODAY, I reinstitute my strategy, #rebootlife, to eat, live and be better. I have partnered with Barbara Samaroo, ND, MH CNHP owner of Nature’s Path To Health, LLC (5838 Allentown Way, Temple Hills 20748). Doctor Samaroo will lead me on a journey of enlightenment – to educate, instruct and guide me to “natural path” of wellness.

Auntie says, “eat yo peas!”
S1 BL01 10.13.12

Nature’s Path To Health, LLC
Barbara Samaroo, ND, MH CNHP
5838 Allentown Way
Temple Hills, MD 20748
Tel: 240-455-6108
Fax: 240-392-2482

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