11 Nov

My update is waaay overdue, guess I’ve been busy or something! Well let’s pick up where I left off…

I introduced you to the ABC’s of life by way of Dr. Barbara Samaroo, ND, MH CNHP (my Natural Health doctor/Nature’s Path To Health) and guide on my journey of optimal health.  As I continue to move forward, on my quest to rebuild a better body, I have been forced to face (and fix) not only reckless eating habits, but careless life choices that have landed me on this isle i call “reboot life.” I adopted this phrase from a docu-reality show about an Australian man who was overweight and facing significant health challenges. He set out for a trip to the USA while on six month juice fast. Ultimately, he achieve his goal of weight loss and optimum health. (Hooray!)  Initially my focus was more about the right food choices, exercise and weight loss, but where’s the sexy in that?! My life reboot has become more about my ENTIRE life, not just a shirt size or gym flow pic stich post. No longer can I compartmentalize my life – excel in one area and fail miserably in others. NO to the public successes and private failures.. N-O! NO!! How I FEEL, affects how I LIVE. How I LIVE affects how I LOOK. How I LOOK affects WHO I AM… you get the message, right?

Now I’m back in the saddle with a 14-day/3-phase (42 days) cleanse. During this period I will consume as much “live food” (full compliment of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, enzymes and light energy) as possible, replace my water with Alkaline Water and take AM/MID/PM supplements. My overall diet will be adjusted during this period as well as the implementation of a workout regiment.

I encourage you to take a LIFE CHALLENGE and “REBOOT” for the long-term benefits. This is not a quick fix in an attempt to overcome a mild problem, but an aggressive life change for recovery, restoration, renewal and newness.(4 R’s)

Learn from and be inspired by my effort, struggle, transition, victory, failure and transformation.

“REBOOT LIFE” is my all-inclusive approach to recalibrate my health, mind, finances and faith. Not sure what your challenges may be, but now is the time to face-and-fix-it! You gotta start somewhere. START NOW!

Auntie says, “eat yo peas!”

SPONSOR: Nature’s Path To Health, LLC/Barbara Samaroo, ND, MH CNHP/5838 Allentown Way, Temple Hills, MD 20748/240-455-6108/

S1 BLO2 11.11.12








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