Balance The Body

20 Nov

I’m buzzing after a great meeting today with Dr. Barbara Samaroo (Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor), as I move ahead with phase two of my initial cleansing process. “Weight loss is not the problem, it’s about balancing the body” Dr Barb told me. Most people are only focused on loosing weight and the benefits of being body conscience, but their INSIDES are all out of sorts. The reality is that, weight loss is the RESULT of a healthier balanced body – the target is not the weight loss, its a balanced body that will promote and maintain weight loss.  This approach will stimulate the mind, BODY and soul to help achieve optimal physical health and wellness.  It’s not just about how you LOOK, but how you ARE is critical.

Along with the phase two initial 14-day cleanse, Dr Barb gave me a book (Eat Right For Your Type/Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo) with specific guidelines for my blood type to help me manage my food and beverage intake.  Some food choices react adversely to specific blood types and should be avoided to maintain and maximize your health.  When I sit down with Dr Barb I learn so much about what is best to balance the body oppose to only how to achieve the best LOOKING body. What’s the benefit of your “gym flow” when you’re still consuming the wrong foods?! So what happens after 90 days of drinking shakes?!  Really?! Boot camp with a brisket in your back pocket is a contradiction!!! People are quick to adopt trends, but seldom make a commitment to an overall lifestyle change. This is MY journey to REBOOT LIFE!!

To all my locals in the DMV, and those abroad, I encourage you to inquire and make an appointment with Dr. Barbara Samaroo (Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor) at Nature’s Path To Health (5838 Allentown Way, Temple Hills, MD 20748/240-455-6108) to help bring your life to LIFE!!

Auntie says, “eat yo peas!”                                                                                                                                    S1 BLO3 11.20.12

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