Build Up

28 Feb

Along the way you will encounter people, places and things that upset, oppose and sometimes undermine your goal/dream/purpose, but its all a part of the BUILD UP! Initially, we see the distractions as a personal attack to stop us and prevent us from reaching our goals. The “attacks” show up in life as career challenges, health issues, financial dilemmas and interpersonal conflicts. The intent of these encounters are to make us strong, advance maturity, fine tune vision and build passion for purpose. Often we cave under the pressure of these distractions and become entangled in the details of who, why, where and when – not the focus! Learn quickly from the details, but MOVE FORWARD with what you have learned. In the BIG PICTURE the details can slow and stop your progress, but you can’t get stuck in the experience. There is a direct lesson in ever encounter, but be careful not to get trapped by the experience. Feel the pain and find joy. Acknowledge the loss and find the newness. Give up what has been take and recover what belongs to you. Most of all embrace the meaning in every experience. Its all a part of the BUILD UP! #pursue #rebootlife #thinkbig #buidlup

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