Know-It-All Wrong

10 Apr

So often I run into extremely talented artists who just need a break to become the next superstar and others who need to TAKE a break and try something else. What most of them all have in common is the “know-it-all wrong” syndrome. They know errrr’thang (in concept), but lack insight, ability, proper structure and resources to begin. accomplish and COMPETE effectively. Talent alone isn’t enough and neither is passion, determination or zeal (but it helps). Emerging artists are constantly attempting to redefine, breakout and over through the system because they have not learned HOW to compete or co-exist with their peers. Everyone is out to conquer what they have not mastered! In many cases, they are ever learning but never coming into the knowledge. Constantly seeking, asking, probing and pursuing insight for the sake of knowing buy never applying what they know to advance their efforts. Unfortunately some aren’t smart enough to ask, learn or know the truth about their craft and field of work. I’m sure this is not a new phase among the creative types, but there is certainly a new batch and influx of the “know-it-all wrong” generation. The RIGHT knowledge is power! Information, access and opportunity is greater than its ever been with Nationally televised talent competitions, online exposure and countless talent showcase platforms that give the gatekeepers, tastemakers and early adopters the chance to immediately identity and exploit talent, BUT it’s no good if you’re a stupid artist! (Running joke – sup IZZY!). It’s no good to “know-it-all wrong” and even worse to overlook, ignore, devalue or manipulate the resources designed to help you.

This is the first installment of a series of entries on this topic, please follow, learn grow and share. Feel free to comment or ask questions. Also like, follow and friend me (“Holla Walla”) on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Social Cam. To book me to host, speak or judge your next live performance event, music conference or talent showcase EMAIL or call 888-805-2642 x 109.



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