To Help or Not To Help…

18 Apr

Nowadays, more than ever before people want to be important, special, significant and in front of an audience. Increasingly the opportunities to make dreams a “reality” are available to the novice and experienced, but there is a divide that separates the two. Those who will seek out and listen to sound advice and those, for some reason seem to intuitively know all things and will listen to no one. Those who qualify to HELP – for me specifically – it leaves me in a quagmire of “Help or Not To Help.” There is a profound feeling of pride and accomplishment when you are able to HELP steer the career of a budding artist. When you’re able to share factors and theories that HELP them learn, develop and flourish – unlocking natural abilities! There is also a profoundly wrenching feeling when you attempt to help those who are foolish, entitled, combative, victimized, delusional and in my genre, those who are extra-Christian! (My friend Darien Dennis coined the phrase “Church Smart but Life Dumb). This type doesn’t understand or value the experience and insights of others especially when it opposes their “sensibilities” and lofty ideals. They are defensive, confrontational, opinionated, emotional, reckless, arrogant and their self-wielding ways make it a hard task and unwanted challenge to find the diamond in the rough. They don’t respond to HELP, because they’re primarily seek attention and validation. What’s worse, in some cases, the talent doesn’t exist! They lack any natural ability or learned skills that set them apart.. They waste time being successful at the wrong thing. And then there are those who want HELP for free! These clowns require exclusive treatment on a lay-a-way budget. It’s all enough to make you walk away, never look back and not care who makes it or not. Truth is, some will never understand – accept the truth – find their proper place. Being talented is consuming and even more toxic when you WANT TO BE!

Over time I have embraced the ok-ness with not helping “stupid artist!” I also realize there are those who can, will and deserve THE HELP. Beside its my mission/calling/duty to make an IMPACT. What’s “good or bad” is of no consequence, but what is valued is how our actions IMPACT others!”

Invite me to Host your next live event, Speak on your next music conference or Judge your next music showcase! I can HELP you… lol!

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