#Build-A-Brand #HollaWalla

25 Apr

Is what I’ve been busy doing!! Following leads, pursuing opportunities, refining concepts, blocking fools and editing life!

I know, I know…its be waaaaaay to long since my last blog – my apologies. I’m back!

And back to what I was saying… “building a brand” is my drive, focus and ambition. As a (Radio) Broadcast Media Professional I have had the pleasure of producing a live radio broadcast, hosting live performance events, warming the crowd for taped TV broadcasts, serving as a judge/panelist/clinician for talent showcases and music industry event as well as shorted gigs along the way. This concoction of events, activities and experiences are essential in helping me establish BRAND AWARENESS. #HollaWalla

Currently I am relaunching my Radio Workshop Series for Indie Gospel Artists #indieID, Radio Syndication #ondeck and Quote Book #hollagrams. These projects are all at different stages of concept/creation/execution but are interrelated and directly contribute to the build up of each and the overall BRAND REPUTATION #buildabrand

To remain fresh, current and relevant the BRAND is pushed evolved in order to sustain changes in market forces and consumer trends while a place in this world. Freelance work and #sidegigs underwrite concepts and provide resources until the concept becomes a sustainable BRAND. MY ANGLE: I work projects that are in not in any away related to my industry or field of work, but indirectly help develop and enhance my craft. I seek out ways to challenge myself to grow and shape the the profile of my work in REAL WORLD SCENARIOS beyond my familiar stomping grounds. Similar to product testing… solicits honest unbiased responses from everyday people – my target.

In your own pursuits, don’t be afraid to believe what you believe. #hollagram

More to come about these projects – follow Holla Walla on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/SocialCam for updates.


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