Status Stalkers

26 Aug

Those convenient strangers who masquerade as friends, but only pop up at the sign of status, influence, clout, influence, privilege, access and opportunity. Not quite a loyal friend, but not an associate either – a wicked hybrid of someone who is diabolically self-serving at another person’s expense or gain. SS’s are often unfaithful, inconsistent, random, sporadic and almost always conveniently accessible/available at their convenience or for an opportunity to benefit. The emotional gridlock can cause you to get stuck in a cycle of trying to prove, maintain and affirm your loyalty to someone who places little to no value in your efforts.  In some cases, SS’s have no clue that they live “shallow” but don’t connect the lack of substantial relationships in life to their pretentious pursuits. SS’s will find a way to extract from anyone, at anytime for any reason!  Be aware of “status stalkers” and choose your friend’s carefully! 


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