#indieID 10 Reasons Why Music Is Rejected! [Advice for Indie Artists]

04 Mar

10 Reasons Why Music Is Rejected

1> No Contact Information
Always include your name, email and phone number on your documentation, media kit and disc. Make sure its valid (working) information.

2> Lack Originality
Just because you CAN record, doesn’t mean your music is worth recording.

3> The Music is Good, But The Artist Doesn’t Play Live or Can’t Perform
This applies to most genres of music. (Singing out of tune/playing out of tune).

4> Poorly Recorded Music
So you brought ProTools… SO WHAT!! (Poor production quality and/or recording techniques).

5> Best songs are not identified or highlighted on the music
Give the reps a break, for submissions send 1 – 3 tracks and highlight only the BEST track.

6> Sending Videos In Place of Audio
Keep it simple! Initially all anyone wants to review is your SONGWRITING and MUSICIANSHIP.

7> Sending Unsolicited Material
You sent your music, BUT they never asked for it!

8> Sending The Wrong Music To The Wrong Target
You didn’t do your research to find out what stations/labels/promoters match the profile of your musical style/sound.

9> Musicians Can’t Play/Sing
This is SO BASIC, but you would be surprised at how incompetent most new talent can be.

10> The Music Is Really Bad
This criticism is as old as music itself. You may think your music is the greatest since the last radio hit, but most recordings are as bad as the first round contestant on American Idol – HONESTLY!!

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