#indieID 3.11.14 – How To Grow Your Audience Using EP’s

12 Mar

Hey everyone! I apologize that this post is behind… I’m still trying to find that hour we lost over the weekend to DST! Well, actually I attended a webinar about Social Media Marketing hosted by #likeablelocal, also I’ve been on back-to-back calls today delaying my post. NOW let’s get this party started.

About that EP…

An Extended Play (EP) is a musical recording that contains more music than a single but is usually too short to qualify as a full studio album or LP.

These days, with new artists, it seems to be more about popularity to have an album, mix tape, EP, single or a feature instead bringing a message to the world. (what is a song if it doesn’t inspire?) Each unit has a specific use, but are all interrelated. Our focus today is the EP.

For indies, recording costs can be high, but with the right focus and attention you can create something memorable to help create awareness and generate revenue. The general public would prefer to buy full albums, but they settle for 1 -2 tracks. An EP should be no more than 4 full songs. (Kill the reprise, remix, alternate musical versions) Talent buyers (promoters) want to hear how you might format a full set based on the limited song selection. A series of EP’s build a foundation for your branding and merchandising strategy. A physical EP works more as a souvenir of great show rather than a full-length recording. Be sure to craft a product with great packaging so that you’re building a brand based on QUALITY. You can string a few EP’s together in a short amount of time to build momentum for a full album release, and fans will follow the movement and see you as an accomplished artist. Consider a 9-18 month release strategy, so you have time to perform the music, create awareness and grow your audience.

If you have the passion, songwriting ability and production chops to pull it off, you should work on an album. The biggest criticism nowadays is a lack dept. If you’re not able to accomplish this or not ready to deal with the public feeback, don’t do it.

Final note. I always advice talent to HAVE A PLAN! Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Research and educate yourself about the process… “not knowing” is not acceptable!

#indieID is available every Tue by 3, unless it’s posted at 5, but then it could be after 9 or the next day before 12… lol… BUT either way, you can expect information that will help you advance your music career. If you have specific questions or would like to hire me for one-on-one consulting, an event, music conference or talent showcase, email The #indieID weekly blog post is a FREE service.


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