#indieID Audition Tips

27 Mar

These tips may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people ignore the obvious.

Be sure to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! Read all the information, requirements, deadlines and follow them to the letter. If you can not, you are not ready for the audition.  The excuse of “not knowing” is not acceptable.

Sing ONLY songs on the preset list! Don’t deviate to prove your originality… this is NOT the time! In one audition, a contestant came and asked what we WANTED  him to sing. I was like what?! Get of the stage!  Only to find out he was a terrible singer. Later he said, that he was an R&B singer… *blinded by a blank stare*

Learn the words to the entire song.  Nothing is more annoying and disrespectful to the judges and fellow contestants, when you decide to “wing it” by not knowing the song lyrics. It also sends a message that you don’t care enough about this moment, so why should anybody who can help you.

Don’t argue or curse the judges. If you would like to address a comment you don’t agree with, ask politely and be definitive, but respectful. Avoid being emotional and offering excuses. Selecting music is very subjective and a skilled judge should also weigh in on the objective elements of your music. Ask for construction criticism, accept and apply it to become a better singer.

If you RAP, don’t audition for singing competition…If you sing, don’t audition for a RAP competition… If you sing R&B, don’t audition for a gospel competition. You get the message… If you can’t sing, do something you’re good at!

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