#indieID “On Stage Performance Techniques”

01 Apr

As a performer your goal is NOT to sing or play perfectly… YOUR GOAL IS TO COMMUNICATE!

Tell a story – take them on a journey – give them something to FEEL, REMEMBER and DO.

ARTIST RELATIONSHIP – You Are Always Communicating From The Stage
People don’t come to see an “artist”, but they come to see people. PEOPLE who have the gift of music and feel compelled to share with the world.
There are 4 key elements in your ability to communicate affectively: Mental/Emotional/Physical/Spiritual
How you feel about YOURSELF will reflect and affect your ability to deliver a confident and believable presentation.

You must love your audience – want to give them anything you can. (Don’t beat them up for not responding or throw off, but find ways to remain upbeat, positive and stay connected.)

SONG MOMENTS – How To Choose The Right Song/How To Create Moments That Audiences Will Remember
WHO you are is more important than WHAT you do.
Your audience is ignorant! Not fully aware of the technical elements, but they will understand and react to human behavior.
PLAN in advance where to sing, talk, sit and move.
Be unique and make it interesting.
(Don’t leave everything to ‘inspiration’)

MOVEMENT/TOOLS – How To Move/Where To Move/When You Should Move and Why
There are 4 essential tools to use during your performance: Mic Stand, Mic, Stool and Instruments/Headset/Props
Use the entire stage to enhance the visual presentation.
Key Movement Positions: Center Stage, Far Right/Left, Mid Range Right/Left.
Your songs should LOOK and SOUND different.
(Performance and Techniques are key, but a “connection” will make an IMMEDIATE IMPACT)

The song is the script to your story – TELL THE STORY!
Keep your attention on God, The People, Group/Band Members and/or Instruments.
Love your audience from the stage – meet their needs – feed the people.
Audience Impact:

There are so many practical things you can do the enhance your live performance presentation without sounding and looking like someone else – DEVELOP and be the best you! My #indieID advice blog is available weekly to help emerging talent/indie artists prepare musically and in business for the music marketplace. I am also available for events and 1-on-1 consultation, email SHARE THIS POST! Like me. Follow me. Book me.


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2 responses to “#indieID “On Stage Performance Techniques”

  1. Brandi Aaron

    April 25, 2014 at 12:59 PM

    Hello, I wanted to know if you have a good demonstration of the performance tips you have given in this blog? Are there any good YouTube videos out there of artists demonstrating this? Thanks in advance for your response.

    • hollaondeck

      September 30, 2014 at 8:53 PM

      Brandi – pls forgive my extended delay to your comment. The tips are posted as theory but best learned applied through practices. I think you will see some measure of all traits in various successful and long-term performers like Aretha Franklin, Tony Bennett, Beyonce’, CeCe Winans, Ledisi, R Kelly and many others. Are you a singer/performer?


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