NUM3ERS #indieID

27 May

In my latest talks with indie artists, everyone seems to be consumed with “numbers” – charts, sales, likes, followers and payments. The reality is that most emerging artists have not created the awareness or enough interest to generate or maintain the numbers that validate their decision to become an artist. Additionally, most indies suffer from poor internal structure, lack resources to fund their efforts and the push to move them forward, BUT they ferociously seek numbers!  The ultimate goal is to IMPACT THE CULTURE! An effective cultural impact will yield more than just numbers and pretentious bench marks that affirm public acceptance among a fickle audience. The overwhelming need to be LOVED and BELONG it at critical mass with new talent, and it’s crippling their emotional security while making them a target – public rejection or acceptance creates a false sense of accomplishment and value.

The goal is to achieve numbers across the board over time. Start with building a LOYAL FOLLOWING (people who will consistently attend your live events) and LIVE PERFORMANCES (promo, benefit or paid live appearance/performance dates).  If these numbers stay on trend they will contribute to consumer/trade interest and cumulative factors like radio/sales charts and social media networks. However, if you never experience chart topping numbers, a loyal following and consistent live performance dates will keep you in front of your audience and generate income. Besides, don’t get faded by the numbers (alone), because many who spin high on the charts move low unit numbers and vice versa. The music marketplace is highly competitive and market forces and consumer trends shift constantly.

NOTE: Remain relevant in your craft and you will always have a place in the music marketplace.

NUM3ERS #indieID


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