#indieID “Connections and Connecting”

01 Sep

CONNECTING is all about your friendliness, your ability to engage, and your willingness to give value first.

The science of and sport of networking and connecting is not for the fast-buck, impatient entrepreneur or consultant. If that’s you, stop reading this post now! This installment of #indieID (#Connections) is for someone who wants to BUILD, not just make a quick hit.

It can be a thrill meeting people who have power, celebrity status or someone who can help you get ahead. Some of these people actually want to help you as long as they feel you are both worthy and trustworthy. In other words, deserving.


Think about your most powerful connections. Make a list of four of them. Next to their names, write a few sentences about how they have helped you, and how you would like them to continue to help you. After that, write a few sentences about HOW YOU HAVE HELPED THEM.

AHA! There’s probably nothing to write about how you helped them. Or at least not enough.

Often people who simply want to ask me complex questions having to do with their career or personal growth, will get a warm, friendly response from me offering answers at a particular rate. This separates the “value givers” from the moochers and looters. 

When I started consulting, people connected and identified with me. The connection was mental first and then they sought the physical. 

Is anyone trying to make contact with you?

  • RULE

The more people are attracted to you, the MORE solid connections you’ll make.

If people are not trying to connect with you, but you are trying to connect with them, that’s an alarm.

The obvious object of the game is to have them call you. Until that occurs, you have to connect with them. The goal is to learn how to do both.

How to make contact and how to create the law of attraction, so that others want to make contact with you.

More about “Connects and Connecting” in my upcoming blogs. Some of the insight, techniques and blurbs have been sourced from Jeffrey Gitomer’s “Little Black Book of Connections” aka My Industry Bible aka The Holy Grail of Networking aka My Movement Manual aka Never Attend An Event Without It… okay, okay, okaaaaaay you get the point.

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NEXT WEEK: “Who Do You Know?”

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