Behind The Scenes With The Live Up Movement

13 Dec

First quarter of 2015 I got restless and bored with my life. On the heels of a recent divorce and little to no local opportunities in Broadcast Media would yield to me. I needed a change. It seemed that work in any sector had dried up. I was presented with a Radio Syndication  opportunity, but went back and forth with poor communications with my contact. Several opportunities opened up, but in all cases negotiations moved beyond initial talks. I even announce it online (prematurely). At that point, relocating seemed exotic and extreme enough to build a new life in or beyond Broadcast Media. 

Atlanta bound…🚌

I had multiple professional and personal connects in ATL who shared interest and expressed anticipation for my visit. I considered the possibilities, but I was prepared for the LONE ROAD and a hard hustle because thats what I knew. For the first time in my adult life I felt like a fish out of water – new market/new players/new movement/new surroundings, but no real plan. Initially I bunked with “friends” while I traveled with my #sidegig weekends to generate income. It was enough to sustain me while I adjusted, but I soon realized that HELP from some people was not so helpful. However, I could not have made it to (now) if not for HELP. 

I moved on… 🚚

Unexpectantly I found shelter with another colleague. I spent time networking with people who had no netwoth and no marketable content reach, impact or the ability to monetize their pursuits. My passion was strong, but the hustle was weak.  I was loosing to my myself by relinquishing my POWER to live. I was deeply affected by my recent divorce, lost in my career pursuits and scatttered in my life. Overtime I shrunk to fit in, get by and barely stay alive.  In addition my living situation went from nurturing to questionable only to end toxic. After a string of adverse experiences, I came to myself… and decided to take my POWER back!  Independently I decided to leave (escape) for my peace of mind and survival.  I wasn’t clear on how, but once I set a date, I worked feverishly to keep my word to everyone else, but more importantly, the promise I made to myself. I DID!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ

Time to LIVE (UP)… πŸ“’

I moved out, put my things in storage, gotta hotel room and flew back to #DC the next morning. Only spent $6 to fly home because of a credit. Once I arrived in #DC, finally I was safe and free!!!!  Not knowing what was next, two days later I was completing new hire paperwork and five days later on a plane for training and work which has lasted to the present. At some point along the way I had to acknowledge my role and divine orchestration that led me to that place. Then I stop making excuses, blaming others, turning my head and dodging consequences. The only option to this dilemma in life, for me, was to “LIVE UP,” Be responsible, accountable and active in my restoration. Clearly it was MY job to improve my circumstances, advance my efforts and upgrade my life NO MATTER what I lost, gave up or had been taken.  It was soley my job to #faceitandfixit!

It’s that time… πŸ’―

There is so much more that I could say about the characters in ATL, but this post is not specifically about any of them. They HELPED me find me again regardless of the experience.  Besides, they lurk online looking for a reason to express their point, paint their picture and discredit everybody else involved.

Stay close to this blog, there is more to come!

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Feel free to send me your inspirational statements about “How You Live Up.”

LIVE UP is a self-help movement created by Media Personality Holla Walla crafted to expand, elevate and exploit every facet of life for the purpose of improving diversify and enhancing the quality of living.

More to come in 2017!


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