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#indieID Talk Back!

Most times I offer scripted advice for your reference and ongoing artist development, but today I want to “talk back” about a few observations that I make daily regarding artist engagement on social media.

It’s critical that you make a positive impression “off stage” because in most cases the gate keepers and those who have the influence to help you have already decided NOT to pay attention to your “on stage” performance. For instance, be practical, precise and positive when you write an online bio/description. List key points, relevant and accurate information. There is no need to list all 12 of your hobbies, 7 titles, 9 occupations and 3 nicknames!!! If this information is relevant to your CAREER as an artists, over time, when needed, as needed it will come to light and help enhance and define your artist profile. Don’t ‘hashtag’ “Jesus Freak” but post profanity, nude or suggestive images.  THIS behavior not only reflects your faith and beliefs, but it reveals your character, maturity and integrity. Be consistent in your message, image and presentation.  Don’t blame the public for judging, commenting or evaluating what they see – YOU turnt up! (LOL).

Appraoch people of influence as PEOPLE. It’s okay to say “hello”… “good afternoon”… be considerate. Don’t just be greedy for attention, validation or acceptance by ignore the PERSON (behind the opportunity), who could potentially help you. Just because somesone does music for a living doesn’t mean that they want to hear YOUR music! Stop pushing up on music professionals and then taking offense when then don’t respond or APPROACH you in the same manner. Learn to respect people MORE THAN YOU NEED WHAT THEY CAN DO FOR YOU.  For example an artist started following me a few days ago, and like clock work sent me a random tweet about her music… without ever making a formal introduction. If she had, she woulda found out that  I don’t accept unsolicited materials. Little things like that can make a difference in how you are remembered. And just because it’s christian/gospel music doesn’t mean I want it! It’s called SPAM – unsolicited content. Take the time to present yourself properly.  Find out HOW to approach other artists, producers, radio, press, managers and other professionals in the music marketplace.  Each outlet has a specific use/need for your contents as well a preferred way to accept and consume your work. Just make the effort before you blow your opportunity.  AND another thing, I advised an artist on how to approach me or any of my colleagues to get us to listen, but he still decided to be cocky a year later by recklessly making random post on my #twitter and #instagram timelines about his music. When I rejected him, then he decided to “dismiss me” by calling me a “good christian.” None of that matters to me – EVER!!!!!!! This dude could win 15 Grammys, but I won’t play or feature any of his music at my events. Why? Because I don’t have too! Selecting music is very subjective… GIVE ME A REASON!

I’m open to your questions, comments and feedback.  Post here on the blog or email me directly at

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