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#indieID – “Are We There Yet?”

The goal is not to arrive, but to BECOME! We “become” through experiences, encounters and evolution which are ongoing occurrences. We exhaust our efforts and cheapen the value of life experiences by moving hastily to arrive at a place instead of being fully engaged in each experience that creates the journey to our destination.

Simply put, I don’t believe that we ever ARRIVE, but we constantly show up as we evolved and transform into who we already are. As emerging talent, new artist, indie artist and a national brand you never stop becoming no matter how much you accomplish. The hard work, dedication, investment, strategic movement and humility that pushed your movement must be used to maintain and advance your status. No matter who knows you, there is someone what has never heard of you and/or doesn’t know your work. PRIDE will lead you to STRONG DELUSION in thinking that you have “arrived” and the arrival status grants you privilege and luxury.

Surely, your hard work, accomplishments and accolades deserve a pause for salute, but while you’re “paused” someone else is working to become what you’ve paused to BECOME. Artist Development is ongoing throughout the life of your career. A smart and artist is always editing, fine tuning, reshaping and expanding to remain relevant to their audience.

We arrive once we’ve reached the END of the journey. KEEP PUSHING!!

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